Technical Project Management

Software Development
Technology is one of the most vital resources today and can have a tremendous impact if managed effectively.
The solution isn't always to develop something new. System integration may be exactly what your business needs.
We assist you in finding the best hardware solutions for your business.
Team Management
We manage both the internal team and the collaboration team for project development.
+10 years of expertise
+1.000.000 bugets
+70 projects
+45 managed teams
+12 industries

Online Presence

Brand Strategy
Online or not, brand strategy is essential for creating an identity for your business.
Social Media
We can assist you with creating a social media strategy and generating content to ensure effective communication with your customers.
Web Design
#GetHooked with quick or comprehensive solutions for your website.
Search Engine Marketing
...or how to gain more visibility in online searches.
Analysis and reporting are essential in setting objectives, crafting a strategy, and defining the steps forward.
Content Marketing
We handle both content and strategy! Our team can assist you with articles, copywriting, or photography.
+5 years of expertise
+30 collaborations
+10 industries
+200 accounts managed
+20k online events managed


Crowd Management
...or in other words, how to ensure your audience has fun without worries.
Access Management
We have the best strategies for managing access points to the event space.
Access Management Software
Manage the audience, guests, and press with just a few clicks.
Ticketing Management
Over 12 years of experience in the best ticket sales strategies.
Staff Management
Experienced team in managing public events from A to Z.
Software Development
Online applications can be highly useful for managing a public event.
+12 years of expertise
+300 events
+10M participants
+50 people/team
Indoor & Outdoor Events
Sports Events, Festivals, Parties


Whether it's a small gathering or a grand event, we're with you from concept to execution.
Business Meetings
We handle everything from the agenda to logistics so you can focus on the essential discussions.
Venue, vendors, technical support, guest management - in other words, everything you need for a seamless event.
We craft captivating stories to turn any debut into an unforgettable memory.
We stimulate creativity and collaboration with fresh ideas and worry-free events.
Leadership Meetings
We take care of everything necessary, so your team's focus can be on the future of the business.
+8 years of expertise
+150 events
+5000 participants
+15 industries